Company History


Steve Davison was a business student at the University of Montana, looking for a subject for his senior project. The project was to create a business plan for a new business or a business opportunity. His dad, Ron, knew someone in Helena looking to sell a business, so Steve started the project.  Mike Murray (yes, the county commissioner) was looking to sell Action Print. Steve started researching the business and developing a business plan.

After completing his project, his entrepreneurial father took the business plan to the bank. The bank was sold on the plan and Steve and Ron became partners in business. Learning the whole printing business by the seat of their pants made for a fast and furious first few years. They started out in a small office space on Fuller Avenue, next to Wayne Miller Coins. They had 2 small presses and just a couple copiers, and after 4 years, outgrew the space. Action Print moved across the street, next to Reynold's Drug, and after 7 years over-filled that space. The next move was down Front Street, next to where Pop's Office Supply is currently. Steve wanted to own his own property at that point, and the building across the street came up for sale.  It was a little more room, but it was 2 stories. With some creativity, they were able to come up with a floor plan that worked for them. The next big step for Action Print came in 2011, when Steve and Sharee bought Ron's share so he could continue on new ventures in radio.  Steve and Sharee then, additionally, purchased The Neighborhood Office (TNO) in July 2011 and have been working the two shops as one. They picked up many new clients and new products and capabilities. One of the biggest products they now offer is a full line of promotional products. The printing business is an ever-changing business. Steve and Sharee have teamed up with the desire to provide excellent customer service, and to be pioneers in new technology and services.